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Always 5 Star Post

5 Top Luxury Tips for Killarney

I have always wanted to travel to Ireland. I have been motivated by the seemingly mystical landscapes I’ve seen in movies, read about in books, and seen on television. These greenest greens and the sweeping vistas would seem almost too Hollywood to be real. This year I finally had the opportunity to go. As a travel writer/influencer/blogger, I saw that TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) was offering a conference in Killarney, Ireland this year. I might have been the very first person to sign up!

Views from the flight into Killarney - Excited to see the countryside!

I realized that this was an amazing opportunity to not only travel to a destination I’ve always dreamed of, but to also hone my skills as a travel influencer. A true win-win! However, there was some initial trepidation that maybe Ireland wouldn’t be that magical place that I dreamed it would be. I wondered if I would be able to create a special Always5Star luxury experience. These were some of the questions I thought about as I planned my trip.

Ordered Prosecco to be delivered to our room at the The Brehon Hotel - A great luxury beginnning to our stay!

The fantastic news is I can report, without hesitation, that this trip exceeded my expectations! I was grateful for the TBEX conference collaboration with Ireland tourism (Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland, etc.) to create some really incredible experiences in Killarney and the surrounding area. Please read on to view my top 5 Always5Star tips for visiting Killarney and click on the title for more information:


🌟 A luxury hotel in Killarney – The Brehon Hotel

The Brehon offered a luxury stay in Killarney

🌟 The National Park – Nature’s Luxury

Ross Castle is located within the Killarney National Park

🌟 Champagne luxury moment – Pink Lounge at the Ross Hotel

Offers a variety of Gins and Champagne's including Moet & Chandon and Dom Perignon

The Pink Lounge offers a variety of Champagnes

🌟 Private tour and experience for touring near Killarney

Advantages to the private tour with a local is going with someone that who knows the secret spots and loves driving on those narrow roads!

🌟 Music and Dance - The Celtic Steps Experience!

A must see while in Killarney is the Celtic Steps - It is an Always5Star moment! Wow!

Always5Star Final Impression:

Killarney, Ireland is a travel experience that will more than satisfy most traveler’s wants and desires. Not only does this city and surrounding area offer breathtaking views and vistas, but the history, the culture, and the friendliness of the people will astound you! Though it feels like a quaint little town, it offers a big experience. With my focus on luxury travel, I found it easy to satisfy my luxury tastes as well as my love of nature and history. This is an extraordinary destination and one that should be near the top of everyone’s travel bucket list!

I am very grateful for the Always5Star memories. I raise a glass to wish to all - Sláinte (“Cheers” in Ireland) to Killarney, Ireland!

It isn't a trip to Killarney without trying the Irish coffee! Sláinte!

5 Top Luxury Tips for Killarney

🌟 Please note: I was not compensated for this post. My opinions are completely my own based on my experiences, which I paid for entirely myself with the exception of the Celtic Steps performance and the Pink Lounge which was sponsored opportunity by (Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland through the TBEX conference.

About Pamela Rossi

Pamela Rossi

I am passionate about travel and taking each moment and making it a five star experience. My goal is to create those experiences for YOU!