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Always 5 Star Post

The Marilyn Monroe Luxury Spa Day at the Hyatt Centric Time Square

How about a spa day that is not only luxurious but leaves you feeling pampered and rested? Where you can channel your inner “Marilyn Monroe”?

Beautifully set up for a manicure or pedicure!

What better way to do it than by spending a morning, afternoon or the day receiving a spa treatment. What makes it even more exciting is by having that spa day take place in a New York Times Square location. That way, you can be pampered all day and be ready to hit the Broadway theater that night. Now, that would be an Always 5 Star luxury experience!

Full service salon offering everything to make you feel beautiful for that special occasion or just to treat yourself.

We all you could use a day to invest the time in ourselves, to regenerate so we can tackle life’s challenges.

The “Aaaaahhhh room”. A tranquil spot to have your massage. And I love the bell that you ring when you are ready for your massage!

The Marilyn Monroe Spa at the Hyatt Centric in Times Square provides a special and relaxing retreat for yourself, a get together with friends, or couples wanting to spend quality time together. The spa at the Hyatt Centric New York Times Square is well equipped to leave you feeling from head to toe ready to take on New York and Times Square.

I had the opportunity to take some time out of a busy New York trip to spend a few hours enjoying the spa and massage. The spa has an intimate quality that I noticed as I went into the women’s locker room. Accents of Marilyn Monroe pictures and quotes adorn the walls.

The facial room

The women’s locker room in a spa is important to me. I appreciate an area to be able to reapply my makeup and redo my hair before leaving the spa. Though the locker room area is small, it was designed well, and had a good space for redoing hair and makeup.

Nice amenities where you can ready yourself for the outside world

Another very important part of a spa experience is the relaxation room. As you can see from the below picture, the chic lounge chairs are comfortable and the rooms atmosphere is very tranquil. Amenities offered include tea, water and healthy snacks.

Plenty of seating in a comfortable contemporary setting

While at the spa, it was fun to see women getting a full treatment package which included hair, makeup, massage, pedicure and manicure. Wouldn’t that be a blissful day of pampering!

The hair salon

The spa has several individual treatments to choose from as well as various packages. My spa package included a glass of champagne after my treatment. This was a great way to extend the relaxation and have an Always5Star champagne moment!

Relaxing after the spa treatment with a glass of bubbly! Cheers!

Final Thoughts: A wonderful experience is awaiting you at the Marilyn Monroe spa. Create those five star “R’s” in New York at the spa:

🌟 Relaxation

🌟 Refreshed

🌟 Rejuvenated

🌟 Renewed

🌟 Ready to take on all that New York has to offer


About Pamela Rossi

Pamela Rossi

I am passionate about travel and taking each moment and making it a five star experience. My goal is to create those experiences for YOU!