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Always 5 Star Post

Review of the Moonimaa Airport Lounge at Male Airport (MLE)

Moonimaa lounge is an adequate airport lounge when awaiting flights to Maldives resorts

The Moonimaa lounge is a surprisingly spacious lounge for the small Male airport. The airport has two terminals. The International terminal and the Domestic terminal. The lounge is located in the Domestic Terminal and is primarily used by guests of Maldives resorts for a rest, after their international flight, and before their domestic flight. Several of the resorts provide this as part of their package for their property.

Lounge seating area

Access can also be obtained by having the following:

Priority Pass Card

Lounge Club Card

American Express Platinum

Purchase is also available for a same day visitor pass


The Moonimaa airport lounge is located in the Male domestic terminal on the second floor. It is located outside of security on the landside.


The lounge is large and offers many seats. The interior is of minimalist decor and offers an appeal of more functionality than luxury. The lounge has good lighting and some areas offer plugs for charging.

Food Selections:

The lounge has a large buffet area that offers standard fare. Beverages are plentiful such as sodas, water, and fruit juices and can be obtained from the refrigerators located underneath the buffet counter. There are no alcoholic beverages available as it is an Islamic country and drinking is not allowed.

Buffet counter is available with an assortment of food items

Buffet counter is set up with items for breakfast

Buffet offers some baked goods and fresh fruit


The bathrooms are standard and are semi-clean. Because the lounge was quite crowded, the bathrooms needed more maintenance. There was a shower available.


The lounge boasts a small spa/massage room. If you have the time, it is an opportunity to have a simple, relaxing massage for a reasonable price. Note: The room is utilitarian and not the normal spa-like atmosphere.

Spa treatments available on a first-come, first-serve basis

Spa menu available outside the door – massages were very reasonably priced

Final Thoughts:

If you are used to visiting airport lounges in your travels, you will find this lounge a little lacking. During my one-hour visit, the lounge was crowded, food was generic, bathrooms were tolerable. The positives were good non-alcoholic beverage choices, spa treatments, and the staff was kind. Overall, it was a better alternative than having to sit in the main airport area.

The Moonimaa airport lounge rates an Always 5 Star: 3 stars 🌟🌟🌟

**I was not compensated in any way for this post. My opinions are completely my own based on my experiences which I paid entirely for myself.

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