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Always 5 Star Post

Pink Lounge at the Ross Hotel - Champagne luxury moment!

When traveling to destinations around the world, I look for those special champagne moments wherever I go. When I was in Killarney, Ireland that moment presented itself at The Pink Lounge in the Ross Hotel.

A delightful and fun interior design!

Opened in December of 2015, the Pink Lounge Gin and Champagne Bar is a wonderful find in a city of pubs. Its uniqueness and decor are a welcome constrast to the pubs, especially if you love handmade gin drinks and champagne (like I do).

Love the style and glasses in which they serve the drinks!

Sophisticated and trendy, the interior invites you to a contemporary throwback to the Marilyn Monroe era.


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Plush couches to sit and savor your drinks

This is a lounge that invites you to enjoy the ambiance. Enjoy watching one of the expert Cocktail Bar team make your Gin Martini.

All their team members are trained to make you a unique "shaken" or "stirred" martini!

There is a large number of specialty gin drinks to sample. Over 60 gins are offered from around the world. They even have their own gin that the team designed called the “Ross Gin”.

A wonderful selection of gins to be tried

Then there is the wonderful bubbly moment - champagne! They have a decent selection of eight different varieties. I truly appreciated seeing that they offered Moët & Chandon and Dom Perignon!

A glass of Dom Perignon is always an Always5Star moment! Cheers!

Presently, The Pink Lounge is only open on Friday and Saturday nights. Be sure to the check the times online! The Pink Lounge at the Ross Hotel

A glass of Dom Perignon is certainly an Always5Star moment! Cheers!

This is a fun and intimate lounge to enjoy a drink before heading out for dinner in the evening. I particulary enjoyed the decor and the classic "pink" vibe. If you enjoy gin or champagne, then this would be a lounge you must try.

Sláinte to your "pink" experience!

🌟 Please note: This was a sponsored opportunity at the Pink Lounge through the TBEX conference tours experience. However, my opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this article.

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