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Always 5 Star Post

Lalla Oceanside Grill

My husband and I happened onto Lalla’s as we were walking around Cannery Row. The outside awning and mod décor caught our eye. Upon entering you realize that this restaurant has amazing unobstructed views of the ocean. We were there for lunch and requested a table next to a window. The food proved to be as good as the views!

Bar area


It is located on Cannery Row just a couple hundred feet away from the Aquarium. It is between the Aquarium and the Intercontinental Hotel on the bay side of the street.


The décor is whimsical and modern. The interior designer did a wonderful job of creating a hip atmosphere while honoring the location and the views.


The menu was well designed with seafood options as well as typical American fare. We ordered the wedge salad w/eggs, bacon, and tomato and it was very good. We also ordered some sparkling wine (they had good selections). It was all very tasty.


The service could be improved slightly. Although everyone was quite friendly, we did feel a bit neglected and noticed that our waitress was visiting a lot with other staff. We had to get up a couple of times to ask for water refills and inquire about our order.


The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. The patrons were dressed from business to casual. The background music and the ambiance are truly nice.


The restrooms were strangely located. To access the restroom, you need to go down the stairs. It is a bit odd, but they were maintained and clean.

Final Thoughts:

The overall experience was positive! I would suggest coming during lunch or at sunset to maximize the views.

5StarTip🌟: Try to arrive early and request a table next to the window. If you need to wait, there is a nice bar at the front of the restaurant. The view and the atmosphere alone are worth waiting for. With a little improvement on service, this place could be fantastic!

Lalla Oceanside Grill rates an Always5Star: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

**I was not compensated in any way for this post. My opinions are completely my own based on my experiences which I paid entirely for myself.

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Pamela Rossi

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