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Always 5 Star Post

Fly like a Rock Star with JetSuiteX

Have you ever dreamed of traveling like a Rock Star?

How great would it be to arrive at the airport as late as 15 minutes before your departure, and not have to hassle with long lines or TSA screenings? Then you need to fly JetSuiteX ! And the bonus to this dream, is that you are paying about the same price as most standard commercial flights to the same destinations!


JetSuiteX is a semi-private plane that operates several flights. Here is a current listing of the destinations:

      Burbank: Near Los Angeles - BUR
      Concord: Near Napa, San Francisco - CCR
      Oakland - OAK
      San Jose - SJC
      Mammoth - MMH
      Las Vegas - LAS

Note: From time to time, special flights are offered such as Burbank to Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport in Coachella Valley.

Click the picture for more information about JetSuiteX Special Events

On the day of your flight, you can easily drive right up to the arrival and departure building. The check-in and the lounges are intimate and afford a calm, peaceful environment. With the smaller semi-private jet experience (with no more than 30 seats), there are very few passengers in the waiting area or on the plane. This offers an experience that I really appreciated.

The waiting room at their Oakland facility

My first flight with JetSuiteX departed Burbank and flew to San Jose. I was excited to drive past the larger terminal and head to the more private Hangar 2. In front of the terminal is a small parking lot or you can valet park. I chose to take an Uber to the airport, and my driver was able to drop me off right in front of the building. Very convenient!

Hangar 2 is the location of the JetSuiteX in Burbank

I was not ready to trust that I didn’t have to arrive two hours before my flight, even though their website indicates that this is not necessary. After flying as much as I do, I wasn’t ready to believe it. Even though I fly utilizing TSA-precheck and Global Entry, I have experienced too many long TSA lines to not arrive early. So I decided a good compromise was to be there an hour early. I was a little surprised to not see other passengers when I walked in. This was an indicator that I might have given myself a little too much time.

Walking into the Hangar 2 Burbank facility


You do not have to arrive early!

This is how easy it is to check in - No lines!

After the friendly check-in, I again embarrassed myself by asking “Is that it?”. It was way too simple! I just needed to show my I.D. (passport or driver’s license) and my boarding pass. Done! I was checked in! My luggage was placed on a luggage rack (carefully I might add), and I was lead to one of their two lounges with free WIFI.

Luggage is kept near you on a luggage rack

The lounges are quite basic but pleasant. They have plenty of seating with some beverages and snacks available. This included simple teas, coffee, water, and sodas. There were some chips and bars available as well. The snacks and beverages are complimentary. Basically, the entire experience is designed to make your waiting and boarding experience comfortable.

One of the two lounges at the Burbank airport seating area

The refreshment and snack area at the Burbank airport

About 10 to 15 minutes before you depart, your flight is announced, and you are lead to your plane. This is where it begins to feel quite delightful, especially on such a short flight. Once aboard, the seats are quite comfortable and provide plenty of leg room.

Always5Star moment boarding the plane!

About ready for take off!


If you are on the taller side, they have exit row seats that allow for a little extra leg room.

Lots of leg room - But exit row seats have a little more

Inside view of my plane

I chose a single row window seat and found my seat to be quite comfortable. Within minutes of sitting down, the efficiency of the airline is evident, We were seated and ready for take-off!

View from my seat 6A

The flight itself was very enjoyable. The flight attendant service was very attentive, quickly offering us beverages and a snack (flight lasted only about 45 minutes). But this was enough for a glass of wine! All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Gorgeous view from my seat!

As most of my readers know, I love champagne and sparkling wines. This flight did not offer that, but they do have nice red and white wines. I did notice that they served it in a plastic cup. It was the only item that I would like to see as an upgrade. A glass would be very nice!

Not champagne, but the white wine was great!

Here is a collage of some of the information that was available in my front seat pocket - refreshment offerings, information about JetSuiteX, and a yoga seat guide. I didn’t have time to check out the yoga, but maybe next time!

Next time I will try the yoga exercises!


There are power outlets at every seat!

Outlets at every seat

Call me crazy, but I was curious. I wanted to know more about the bathroom. With such a small plane, it offers about the same space as some larger commercial jets. The difference in this bathroom is that it was clean and well-stocked with paper towels and soap. The cleanliness is a big issue for me, so this was a big plus for JetSuiteX!

Can you spot Always5Star in the pic


Every flight is equipped with “free” WIFI!

Enjoy being on the WIFI while looking at the views too!

The arrival into San Jose was easy and again I loved the private feel of their terminal. I need to mention how much I appreciated the simplicity and ease of flying this way. After de-boarding, I was met with my suitcase in the office, and within 10 minutes I was walking out the door.

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I used Uber for transportation to my hotel in San Jose. It could not have been easier. In case you want to arrive downtown in style (as I like to do), there are Uber - Black car options as well. I was met by the Uber driver within 4 minutes of going outside the building.

The ease of getting into the city of San Jose was wonderful.

The Return Flight

I wanted to try a different airport coming home. I booked my return flight from Oakland to Burbank. I thought it would be interesting to compare their different airport terminals.

Easy access to the terminal

Their Oakland terminal (as of this publication) was undergoing a renovation. However, it did not create a problem for my flight. It was good to know that improvements were being made. I like the building as well as it provided the feel of another era and I enjoyed the nostalgia of the architecture.

Departing the JetSuiteX Oakland airport


There are no overhead storage bins so your smaller carry-ons go under seat in front of you. The jets are designed this way to give the cabin a roomier feel.

Smaller baggage and carry-on's can be stored under your seat

This was my first roundtrip flight and the experience was flawless from start to finish. The staff is extremely helpful, the pilots (two pilots per plane and one flight attendant) were personable, friendly, and approachable. I truly felt like it was a first-class, semi-private experience and one which I will be doing many more times. After flying with JetSuiteX, I look forward to their expansion across the country. This trip renewed my belief that flying can be very pleasurable and it brought back my eagerness to be in the air!

Burbank has a beautiful hanger

It is important to know that when looking up flight costs, there are times that the flights are as low as $99 one way. On average they are around $199 to $249 per leg. For business, pleasure, and special occasion, you can have that Always5Star travel experience by flying JetSuiteX! I know you will love it as I did!

Cheers JetSuiteX - an Always5Star winner! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

🌟 Please note: This roundtrip flight was complimentary thru JetSuiteX. However, my opinions are my own.

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