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Taxi – Uber – Lyft? Which is best?

Have you ever wondered which service is the best? I have too and here are the answers:

Whether you travel for business or leisure, one thing we tend to overlook is how much can be saved using a car service compared to a taxi.

Recently, I traveled to Miami for business. One my concerns was how much to budget for transportation to and from the airport. After researching options and comparing...

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Want to stay at a Luxury hotel for less this summer? Here is a 5StarTip!

Dreamed of staying at a luxury resort and find that it doesn’t quite fit your budget?

The spa pool area at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch

Here is one way you can accomplish this:

Book off-season! Yes, there are locations around the world where summer is their off-season. There are destinations where the weather is less desirable in the summer than other ti...

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Citibank Prestige Credit Card big cuts in card benefits for 7/23/2017!

Citibank will no longer offer American Airline Admirals Club lounge access and complimentary international golf!

Here is a Always 5 Star look at changes that will be made:

🌟 American Airlines Admirals Club lounge Access:

If you are a Citibank Prestige credit card holder you probably enjoyed the American Airline Admirals Club lounge access. Be aware that the company announced that this wil...

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Ritz Carlton Chase Credit Card or AMEX Platinum – which has the better airline credit?

Wondering which card has a better program for crediting airline incidental fees?

I asked myself this question recently because I currently have both the Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Chase credit card and a Platinum Card® from American Express. Both have yearly airline incidental fee reimbursement benefits. As I have not taken advantage of these benefits from either card so far this year, I needed...

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How to serve the perfect glass of champagne!

Here are five steps to serving the perfect glass of champagne for those “Champagne Moments” of life!

5 Star Tips:🌟

🌟 Chill:

Champagne needs to be served cold. The ideal temperature is 8-10° C / 47-50°F – chilling it below these temperatures you risk the aroma being difficult to notice.

Before serving place the bottle in an ice bucket for a half hour – one half ice and one half water. You...

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How to get a Hyatt lux room using the Point+Cash program

Have you been looking to get an amazing room price at a Hyatt Hotel? Then use the Gold Passport Points + Cash program.

Just a few simple steps:

I am a huge fan of the Hyatt Hotel’s Gold Passport Rewards program. Each year I make it a goal to achieve the coveted Diamond* (highest) status.

After spending time researching several other hotel reward programs, I discovered that Hyatt has, h...

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