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Always 5 Star Posts

Airport Lounge

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A peek at the American Express Centurion Lounge DFW

American Express Centurion Airport Lounge DFW is an Always 5 Star experience! Here is what you need to know about this great airport lounge:

American Express has a wonderful benefit for Platinum and Centurion card holders* – complimentary access to an exclusive Always 5 Star airport lounge experience called the Centurion Lounge. Access to this lounge is available to all valid cardholders...

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Review of the Moonimaa Airport Lounge at Male Airport (MLE)

Moonimaa lounge is an adequate airport lounge when awaiting flights to Maldives resorts

The Moonimaa lounge is a surprisingly spacious lounge for the small Male airport. The airport has two terminals. The International terminal and the Domestic terminal. The lounge is located in the Domestic Terminal and is primarily used by guests of Maldives resorts for a rest, after their international f...

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American Airlines Flagship Private Dining

My first experience with American Airlines Flagship Private Dining experience in the Admiral Club airport lounge at DFW.

Top 5 star reasons to enjoy this lounge:

🌟 A small and intimate setting

🌟 Tattinger Champagne and premium wines and liquors

🌟 Buffet style dinner options

🌟 Quiet and calming atmosphere

🌟 Staff member β€œAaron” very friendly & fun

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Creating an Airport Oasis

🌟 Battling TSA lines and Airport chaos? Wondering how to survive? 🌟

My solution: Lounge Access!

Creating an oasis from the airport terminal crowds can enhance your travel quite a bit. My method is making sure that I have lounge access to any airport that offers them. Here are some of the cards that will get you in without having to buy a first class ticket!

American Airlines AAdvantage


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