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Always 5 Star Post

5StarTip🌟: TSA pre-check - tips for your boarding pass

I have had my Global Entry card for a few years now. I cannot recommend getting Globay Entry approval enough. One of the many perks is the TSA pre-check, which is identified on your ticket. This allows you to breeze thru TSA security by going through the TSA pre-check line. You do not have to remove your shoes, liquids and gels, or laptops from your bag! You are allowed to wear a light outerwear/jacket and belts. This is a wonderful hassle-free time saver as well as the lines for TSA pre-check at security are usually very small.


Some important tips to know once you have been approved for Global Entry.

🌟 When purchasing your airline ticket, make sure to fill out the "Known Traveler" section with your Global Entry card number that is located on the back of your card:

When purchasing your ticket online, most airlines companies have a space to fill out "Known Traveler"

The back of your Global Entry card has the "Known Traveler" number

🌟 When checking in online for your tickets, make sure that your ticket has the TSA pre-check symbol on the ticket. Just recently I was flying from Los Angeles and didn't check my ticket until I got to the airport. I was able to solve the problem by checking in at the desk and asking them to update and correct my ticket. The computers do not always pick up that you have registered a pre-check number (Known Traveler) online.

Check your ticket when you print it

Or when you have it downloaded on your cell phone

🌟 Your passport is registered with your Global Entry but it is still a good idea to carry your card with you when you travel.

Always have your passport and your Global Entry card with you when traveling

🌟 Lines for security are specially marked for TSA pre-check.

Avoid long lines - look for the TSA pre-check lanes!

🌟 For more information on how to be approved for Global Entry (click here)...

        Make sure to enhance your travel with Global Entry! You will be glad you did! Cheers!

Get thru security faster so that you can order that glass of bubbly and relax before your flight! Cheers!

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🌟 Please note: I was not compensated for this post. My opinions are completely my own based on my experiences, which I paid for entirely myself.

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