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About Me

Pamela Rossi

Hi! I am Pam and I am the founder of Always5Star.

A little about me: My husband and I have been married 32 years. We have six adopted children that came into our home in various ways. Our children are all special and amazing, however we were met with some challenges in raising them. I discovered that when we traveled together as a family, there was a special bonding that took place. To accomplish traveling with such a large family on a budget, I became obsessed with learning about loyalty programs and credit card points. It became my hobby to search the internet for special prices and deals. I discovered early on that I could elevate my travel experiences to a luxury level by practicing these methods. Once I started to experience this level of travel, I was hungry for more. I spent hours devouring information on the internet on how to accomplish luxury travel without exceeding my budget and finances. Gratefully, we have many of wonderful memories of amazing trips with family, as a couple, and with friends. Almost all of which we accomplished at a luxury level.

My children are grown now, and my husband and I continue to enjoy luxury travel. My passion now is to inspire and teach others to travel and experience luxury moments. Including culinary experiences, wine and champagne, arts, luxury hotels and resorts, and adventures all over the world.

I love being part of such a wonderful social media community! I especially enjoy Twitter chats, and have met a fantastic group of people that I now consider my good friends. This has been a gift in my life in such a profound way and I am truly appreciative for these relationships. I look forward to connecting with more people and to help create special, enhanced travel moments in their lives too! Please join me on this fantastic Always5Star journey. Share your Always5Star travel dreams, let’s make them happen!

🌟 HomeTown:

I grew up in Seal Beach, California and moved to Temecula, California to raise my children, where I still live today.

🌟 Always in my luggage

Champagne…lol! Just kidding! Actually, I always bring my cell phone (essential) and additional chargers, tablet, makeup (more important than clothing). I always pack black and white clothing and accent them w/colorful accessories (scarfs, jewelry) to extend my travel wardrobe, comfortable shoes, running shoes, and a pair of stylish heels for dinners. 😉

I am a big believer in compression bags and only bringing a carry on bag.

🌟 A favorite travel memory is ...

My trip to Africa was life transforming. I was surprised by the emotion of gratitude that I felt when experiencing the people, the countries, and the incredible animals and nature up close and personal!

🌟 3 money-saving travel tactics I use are ...

Join loyalty programs and save points for free stays, upgrades and discounts Earn reward points on everyday credit card purchases to be used toward travel expenses Travel off-season to enjoy Five Star Luxury stays at a fraction of the price

🌟 3 ways that I have fun while traveling are ...

Stay in a luxury hotel w/points Explore the local culture and people Explore nature and push yourself to do something you have never done before

🌟 My traveling mantra ...

Be grateful form every person you meet and embrace every moment of your travel experience! Wheter positive or challenging it is all meant to teach us to become better than we were yesterday!

🌟 Most memorable souvenir ...

Are your memories and pictures

🌟 Cheers to everyone’s travel goals!

Contact me at:

Valued Always 5 Star Team Members

Brittany James

Brittany James

Social Media Manager

I love travel and I love people so what better way to combine the two than to help manage the social media for Always 5 Star.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments about our website or social media outlets.

Contact me at:



Business Analyst Manager

I joined the Always 5 Star team in the beginning of April of 2016 as the Business Analyst Manager. I am passionate about traveling and enjoy working with the Always 5 Star team to help enhance travel for others.

I have a passion for music and I play the flute/harp/piano. I have had the opportunity to perform with various US orchestra’s. When not devoting my time to Always 5 Star, I am still pursuing my joy of performing music.

Contact me at: